Charlene's words

Great success with Lopez Choir kids at their Holiday Concert.  Always happy to see children learning new songs and comprehending everything for concert, including walking and dancing on stage!
Congrats to all my accompany students! Several received Division 1 ratings and entered the 2016 Texas State Solo & Ensemble Contest, which will take place in may in Austin. I am a proud coach/accompanist and will continue to support them!
Gladly invited by Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf Children, I will throw a concert for the entire school and briefly talk about my music journey.  It will be a relaxing and exciting afternoon.  Can't wait!

Had a great time at Sunshine Cottage as kids enjoyed my concert and asked me all kinds of questions about my piano journey! I answered all questions to the best of my knowledge and they indulged me with big hugs and kisses in return. Love these little angels:)

The most challenging part of being a mom and piano teacher is to teach my very own baby! So far he has been enjoying his lessons from me and loves to play finger games on the piano:)

Boys and girls are SOOOO different! While girls listen to you and copy your actions during lessons, boys tend to do opposite to draw your attention.  I am so proud to be able to communicate with my little fellows. Gerber Baby and Mr. Bullet, I will never forget how our first lesson went-- it was rough!

Was just informed to play for Lopez's UIL solo and ensemble.  So excited that I will be reading all different styles of music and work with kids soon!

Time really flies! My mind was still held up by Christmas and New Year celebrations and now I am about to think about end-of-the-semester recitals;) Children are very excited about having opportunities to play on the stage with their peers and selecting appropriate songs is always a challenge for me.  Kids, do remember that practice makes perfection and your joy will come after you really put your heart in your work.

Survived from days of rehearsals and the actual contest. Enjoyed working with kiddos as always and was glad to see some of them maturing in voices!

So amazing that kids could put up the "show" together and did it so well-- 2016 Fiesta Coronation at Sunshine was totally a success! The most exciting part was that I got to play piano for them. Can't wait for next year's even!

Perhaps my KK will be one of them next year:

Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing your very own students performing in front of their loving parents with full of smiles! Today at Sunshine, my students presented their first Piano Recital with love and confidence and family members were so amazed how kids learned so much with a couple of months. We all had a good memory and some of them already "reserved" their seats to start lessons again in Fall.

(Photos: courtesy of Sunshine Cottage School)

After weeks of practice and rehearsals, kiddos did fantastic at our "Spring" Recital (it was meant to be held in June but I was extremely busy with HS students' competitions). All performed their pieces at their best and some even excelled their limits. So proud of them-- and of course my super supportive parents!!! Thanks you all for your trust.

PS, my 4 yr old baby boy also performed at his very first recital. Thanks for being a good student, son!

This Fall has been a challenging and content one for me! I started substituting for a colleague at SSC, who was on a family leave, while keeping all my ordinary tasks in life. Surly it's a victory to finish all my jobs in an organized fashion and to make everyone around me happy.

Yes, big kids learned about the beauty of group discussion from quizzes.  I'd admit that most of them dropped their jaws when hearing me saying "let's have a quiz now!"

We had another successful Piano Recital at Sunshine. Students, families and faculty were all surprised and amazed how much kids learned within a very short period of time-- in just 10 weeks! 

The most important event during the Fall was our Holiday Play. This year my son got to be part of the  play and I was extremely honored and praised to be the one-person-orchestra pianist!  Thanks for the opportunity, Sunshine!

Despite added assignments, I still put up a winter recital for my students and some experienced their first-time-ever performance with no pressure.  Thanks for parents' endless support and kids' dedication to music, and we shall grow together!

I've been waiting for my kiddos to gain skills and confidence to participate in local recitals and competition. Today, two of my girls participated in Just for Girls Recital, held by SAMTA, for their first time every and had a great success.  Bravo, E and K, and Ms Charlene is so parroted of you:)

Encouraging students to perform in front of audience has always been one big task in m career! This year, two students participated in SAMTA Achievement Auditions for their first time and both received great honor and distinction. RW was even selected to perform at Judge's Choice Recital. I am a proud teacher:)